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Augustine Consulting provides outsourced IT Services for companies from 20 to 300 employees.

Digital Transformation

We hear a lot these days around the term “Digital Transformation”.   We prefer to think of it as a strategy around using digital solutions to transform the physical aspects of all areas of your business.

“The Why” Digital transformation has to be guided by business outcomes rather than technology. You must figure out starting with the “why”, you must identify the business needs and goals.

Your goals then must be aligned to a vision that has to be communicated to the employees. Technology is always disruptive and employees often times don’t understand the big picture.  This must be communicated in order to align the culture for the changes.

At Augustine Consulting, we strive to work with our partners to help them define their vision and prepare for their cultural changes and find the technology that fits the goals. It aligns directly with two of our core values, “Create solutions that have integrity and value” and “Act in our customers best interest”.

Our goal is to help our partners innovate, communicate, grow, and collaborate.  This is vitally important to survival; businesses need to continually reinvent themselves and keep growing to beat their competition.

We are looking for partners that want to realize their full potential.  We work together with partners to help them define their business goals and align technology to those objectives.  Contact us to discuss how your business can benefit from a partner that is fully dedicated to your success.

Zero Trust Strategy

Security and Compliance

We work with our partners to guide them towards a “zero trust strategy” which includes three basic tenants. 

Proper hygiene is the most important aspect of any security strategy.  Without good baseline controls that can be monitored you will be wasting a lot of resources on reactive security.

We work with our partners to help them understand their risks because security will not stop all attacks.  Once the risks are identified we can implement solutions that add Proper resilience allowing our partners to operate and recover during attacks.

Let Augustine Consulting help you modernize your approach to security by leveraging all the cloud has to offer.  We have found nearly all companies we engage with do not fully utilize the abilities and resources included in their current cloud services.  We are very familiar with security frameworks such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA, CIS, CMMC and are actively moving our partners to these standards.  Let us help you in your journey by requesting an audit of your security posture.

Managed IT Services

Our managed services division excels at keeping your on-premise and cloud infrastructure up and running, backups working, endpoints protected, and thousands of variables monitored.  Since security is critical to partner success, we have always included a deep layer of controls within our baseline managed services package.  We also have a well-defined processes to make sure your helpdesk requests are met in a timely manner with friendly support personnel.

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